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A King Bush Lov'in Queen
Since there is a lovely lady out there who seems to love John King and President Bush,
I thought I would make this post for her. She will be starting a Blog for Bush soon. Read her comments:

So where's John King?
Comment by Jennifer

We need more good Bush comments.
We will be back to work on that.
Comment by Jennifer

Jennifer: I like John King. He's is so handsome. All the others are not as handsome as he is on CNN. I also like that he seems to enjoy following Pres. Bush around. He seems to be a good judge of Presidents. When I watch the news, I want the King of news to be there.

Ann Stewart: This guy just keeps getting better looking everytime I see him. He seems to get darker, slimmer, and prettier everyday. Not to say he wasn't always pretty because he was, but I think he's working out or something and he looks good.

Jennifer: This is doing good. Ann on the sites. I love them. It may show that you are more objective in the election debate too. That you try to support many men with many backgrounds and jobs. CNN favs are of course King and King. love John, love Larry, someone might think they are related with the last name the same. John and Larry King like father and son.

Dear John Please Eat!!!

Ann Stewart: Dear John King--I have been watching you on CNN for years now and I remember when your face was a little rounder and I thought you looked beautiful. Now you got me worried. You are getting so thin. Where's the rest of your face at? Are they not feeding you at the Whitehouse? John you're a beautiful man, but you have to eat or you'll die. If you need anything to eat just call me. I'll make you a nice rump roast.

Silly Stuff on CNN Talk

April Gifford: John King is the Hotest thing in News. I think Bill Hemmer is lovely, but John is real nice.

Sara: Hi Ann great site! I love Richard Quest, he makes my day. I happened to catch a CNN international show last night called Insight - they had a report from Ash-har Quraishi. He was on camera twice... One word - MEOW.

Stacy: I'll refrain from writing really cheesy love poems about Anderson, because, well, that wouldn't be so good...that would just spell out psycho.

Ann Stewart: Sara--Ash-har Meows? Oh dear God--I never Knew!!! He does have a sexy Kitty Cat look to him. I dig Richard too.


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